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Best Engineering Schools in Canada

Best Engineering Schools in Canada. If you are keen on engineering fields you can always count on Canadian universities. Studying engineering in Canada enables many international students to pursue a qualitative education since its prominent universities are amongst the best universities in engineering and are ranked as high as fellow U.S colleges. Every year, Canada opens its gates and hosts around thousands of international students to the best engineering universities, which possess all the facilities to shape them into successful engineers, ready to thrive in their profession.

Before deciding on your future career, you can check some of the most nominated engineering universities in Canada that are highly academic and support all the necessities of students. This country gives international students many alternatives, to settle and start their studies into one of its many excellent and affordable higher institutions.

Best Engineering Schools in Canada

Best Engineering Schools in Canada

Here are the best engineering universities in Canada:

1. University of Toronto

While searching for the best engineering university in Canada, the University of Toronto will definitely catch your attention. This university ranks 18th among the top worldwide universities for Engineering and Technology, and it is commonly known for the successful paths that it assures to both domestic and international students in a variety of professions. The comfortable accommodation, affordable tuition fees, and rich-minded professors are only some of the characteristics that define the  Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering at the University of Toronto. Furthermore, it is possible to address any concern about your wellbeing at the “Student Mental Health Resource” throughout your studies. Prospective engineers develop a healthy lifestyle and valuable career path, by utilizing the world-class facilities that the University of Toronto provides.

2. University of British Columbia

Studying at the University of British Columbia means you are studying at the global center of research and technology. This university is renewed for its laboratories and splendid campuses, holding the top position in international scale. You are eligible to choose whichever field suits you, whether it is biotechnical engineering, civil engineering, chemical and biochemical engineering, computer engineering, engineering physics or many other related fields. At the Faculty of Applied Science, you will increase the value of your profession and consequently possess the employability skills needed for engineering jobs. In addition, the University of British Columbia links students with prospective employers, providing them with internships and work-experience through cooperative education programs.

3. University of McGill

Yet another attractive institution for international students, the University of McGill has been awarded for its teaching methodology, the highly cultured staff and most importantly for the invention of dividable atoms, Plexiglas, and the very first map of the brain’s motor cortex. The tuition fees for engineering studies at the Faculty of Engineering are quite affordable. Moreover, the cost of living on your own in Montreal is inexpensive and very preferred among many international students. Professors of this faculty are quite charrieshed and seen as role models for a lot of students, since many of them served as researchers in many case studies of Canada’s country. All the programs, be it undergraduate or graduate, hold a strong podium on math, basic sciences and engineering science.

4. McMaster University

McMaster University is a public university in the province of Ontario, Canada, internationally renowned for its research and teaching methodologies. Every year, this university signs memorandums with research hubs and enables its students to deepen their knowledge in their respective field of studies, gain work experience, and join the job market successfully. The innovative teaching methodology, the scholarships and engaging student lifestyle represent  the most valuable assets that the Faculty of Engineering offers to internationals. Ranked on the 69th position as the world’s top engineering school, this faculty has gained international reputation and is undoubtedly one of the leading institutions in research.

5. University of Montreal

The city of Montreal is evaluated as the best one to study abroad, and the University of Montreal composes the greatest treasure of this place. The staff and researchers of Montreal are annually awarded as the most committed professionals among Canadian universities. Furthermore, you can find countless international students who have followed their educational ambitions and pursued degrees in various faculties of this university.  As for engineering studies, programs offered in this University  are continuously attracting international students. Some of the best programs you can find include: Ecological Engineering, Industrial Engineering, BioEnvironmental Engineering, Mining Engineering, which are offered in all the possible degrees.

6. University of Alberta

University of Alberta is a prominent university for engineering studies and provides its students with ongoing support to develop exceptional skills and thrive in their future engineering professions. Having gained international reputation, this university allows you to explore your potential in many fields – humanities, science, health science and with exceptional treatment in engineering majors. Among many other programs, Petroleum Engineering subjects are ranked in the world’s top 10. Students are able to use the most advanced research facilities, equipment, and resources to deepen their knowledge and make use of it in real life engineering situations. At University of Alberta, you can find 21 fully accredited undergraduate engineering programs and a broad spectrum of graduate degrees.

7. University of Ottawa

As a prospective engineering student, you should definitely explore the opportunities that the University of Ottawa provides for its international students.  The University of Ottawa has remarkable engineering professors, some of them were awarded as Canadian Academy of Engineering Fellows; also, they are continuously contributing to the Engineering Institute of Canada. If you decide to pursue your engineering studies at the University of Ottawa, you will increase your chances of achieving a successful career in any engineering field. Students who are part of engineering schools of Ottawa, throughout their studies face challenges and obstacles that help them thrive and prospect in the future, thus preparing them to easily tackle and solve engineering problems.

8. University of Calgary

Founded in 1988, the University of Calgary has been ranked among the world’s top universities as the finest research hub in Canada. A characteristic of its Engineering School is the unconditional support shown towards hardworking students, and undoubtedly the doors that this school opens in the engineering job market. Overall, the five departments in the Schulich School of Engineering represent a high quality education and various paths to job opportunities. Its unique facilities are used by approximately thousands of students coming from overseas. These international students have helped this institution maintain its international reputation.. The Engineering school at the University of Calgary offers numerous degree programs, be it undergraduate or graduate.

9. University of Waterloo

University of Waterloo is commonly known as a worldwide leader in engineering education and research, hence engaging a plethora of students into its exceptional laboratories and shaping their professional character for engineering services. This university conducts research in accordance with many Canadian and international companies. Reminding us that there is a sea of possibilities for engineering students of the Faculty of Engineering. Moreover, through co-op programs, students can get work experience, use real-world processes and technology, and learn from the most advanced startups of Canada. Student support and innovation towards the improvement of technology are essentially the virtues that define this faculty.

10. Western University

Since 1966, Western University has been a leader in wind engineering and continuously tested structures of the World Trade Center, Sears Tower, and Jakarta Tower. The opening of the WindEEE Dome research facility has made Western engineering a remarkable source of knowledge, a real-life problem solver and a place to invent the most wanted technologies.

Western Engineering welcomes students and allows them to meet its academic counsellors, peer mentors, faculty and staff advisors, thus making them feel at home as soon as they start their academic journey. Among undergraduate and graduate degrees, exceptional students can complete dual degrees with the distinguished Ivey Business School and Western Law, as well as other programs of Western’s faculties.