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Best Business Schools in Canada

Best Business Schools in Canada. Canada absorbs numberless international students for business studies since it offers many preferable and prestigious business schools with outstanding courses, reasonable tuition fees, scholarships, employability, and accredited units. Being a bilingual land, the best business schools in Canada conduct higher education studies in both English and French language. The lifestyle that Canada offers to its residents is of high quality, and students are no exception.

Best Business Schools in Canada

Best Business Schools in Canada

Ambitious international students continue to pick these top 10 best business universities in Canada for plenty of motives; each of those motivations is illustrated within the universities’ description below the list.

Here are the best business schools in Canada:

SchoolsCanada RanksInternational Students
British Columbia – Sauder School of Business146%
Toronto – Rotman School of Management1*44%
McGill – Desautels Faculty of Management330%
Alberta – School of Business421%
Queen’s – Smith School of Business611%
Western – Ivey Business School712%
McMaster – DeGroote School of Business913%
Calgary – Haskayne School of Business1034%
Montréal – HEC Montréal1230%
Concordia – John Molson School of Business1620%

Insights on Best Business Schools in Canada

The highlight of these top 10 business schools includes mainly the sum of the salary students get after pursuing an MBA degree. The return of investment ranges from CAD 82,000 to CAD 94,000, especially if you graduate from Queen’s University. Canada ranks the best three universities at the very beginning of the list as they channel the most prosperous jobs: management consultant, financial controller, financial analyst, and marketing manager. The MBA degree doesn’t take more than two years to complete, and the tuition fees for the best MBA schools in Canada range from CAD 22,000 to CAD 120,000; nonetheless, it varies upon the terms and regulations of each university, and sometimes the scholarships can save you a moderate amount of money.

For those who are interested in pursuing a career in business and entrepreneurship, hoop on one of the best business universities in Canada:

1.  The University of British Columbia

Holding the first position for its remarkable business programs for more than four years, the University of British Columbia – Sauder Business School combines theory and practical applications, treats core business aspects as well as a comprehensive business way of thinking. Taking off into the  Sauder Business School, you can start with the four-year Bachelor of Commerce program, which shapes students for the business world by treating the fundamental concepts of business, teaches them problem-solving techniques, and equips them with all the necessary soft skills for the job market. As for the master degree, you can choose what fits your ambitions, thus offering you a plethora of options: Full-Time Master of Business Administration, Professional Master of Business Administration, International Master of Business Administration, Master of Management, Master of Business Analytics, and lastly the Master of Science in Business Administration.

2.  University of Toronto

The highly appreciated multidimensional University of Toronto has this attribute of a leader amid many successful higher institutions, only because it attracts thousands of international students every year.  At the University of Toronto, Rotman Business School students are privileged to choose the study program by career stage. The early stage offers this triangle: Master of Financial Risk Management, Master of Management Analytics, and Graduate Diploma in Professional Accounting, and you are at liberty to pick the one you aim for. To advance your future as an entrepreneur, you can consider these programs: Full Time MBA, Morning and Evening MBA, which is convenient for those with a busy life schedule, and Master of Finance. To serve as a leader in business and management, ideally suited programs include: One Year Executive MBA, Rotman SDA Bocconi Global Executive MBA, and Global Executive MBA in Healthcare and Life Sciences.

3.  McGill University

Since its establishment in 1906, The McGill University has gradually enhanced the usage of study methodologies within its faculties. In addition, it is one of the oldest universities in Montreal, and all of its courses are held in the English language. The finest students in Canada always tend to choose the Desautels Faculty of Management primarily for the strong reputation and many doors that this faculty opens to the integration of business jobs. The Management Faculty offers quite a lot of degrees: Undergraduate Program including a Bachelor of Commerce; Graduate Programs including a Master of Business Administration, a Master of Management in Analytics, a Master of Management in Finance, a Master in Management in Retailing; Executive-level offers a bilingual Executive MBA, and other programs of this nature; the doctoral degree – PhD in Management.

4.  University of Alberta

The Alberta School of Business is considered the most reliable and increasingly important center of producing successful entrepreneurs in terms of ranking and reputation. Decade after decade, it remains at the peak of the five best Canadian Universities hosting 45,000 students from across the world. In order to enroll as a Bachelor of Commerce at the Alberta Business School, it is mandatory to complete one year of pre-professional studies at a recognized post-secondary institution. To have a thriving career, you must pave your road to the upper class of studies. At UAlberta, Master’s programs provide a clear and concise study on how organizations operate, what strategies to use for business relations, and common economic principles. Full-Time MBA and Part-Time MBA are two of the most common choices for international students. However, FastTrack MBA, Executive MBA, Master of Accounting, Energy MBA constitute an area of interest, too.

5.  Queen’s University

Are you unsure which Canadian business school to choose? Then check and consider these aspects of Smith School of Business at Queen’s University.

  • It has gained international recognition for the most up-to-date approaches to business education.
  • Smith Business School offers all the possible programs: Undergraduate Programs, MBA programs, Graduate Programs, Executive Education.
  • Conducted many types of research focusing on business venturing, sustainable finance, analytics, and so on.
  • It offers a variety of cooperative education programs, socioeconomic business activities, and coaching services.

6.  Western University

Established in 1878, the Western University offers the most advantageous and valuable degrees across Canada. You can find tons of open doors at 11 faculties that enable you to reach your dream career. When it comes to business studies, the Ivey Business School offers more than eight programs. Among those eight programs, the Honours Business Administration Degree, Master of Business Administration Degree, and Master of Management in Analytics are the chosen ones from quite a lot of international students, without excluding Canadian citizens. And why is that so? Well, regarding the HBA testimonials, it has been documented that post-HBA students have shaped themselves into leaders, with all the needed skills to create their own authentic business companies. Students gaining knowledge from the business classrooms are now serving as bold mechanisms to enhance the business relations and the development of the business world of Canada.

7.  McMaster University

Having been relocated from Toronto to Hamilton in 1930, McMaster University has rapidly improved its academic environment and staff within each and every faculty. The university’s framework has a strong podium that supports the aims and ambitions of countless students, coming either from Canada or from across the globe. Those who are keen and eager to be entrepreneurs and business workaholics can elaborate business programs that DeGroote School of Business is willing to offer. Undergraduate programs consist of Undergraduate Commerce and Integrated Business and Humanities, thus allowing you to learn the fundamental concepts of business and to utilize your gained knowledge in real business situations. The radius of business programs goes further; it infiltrates the MBA degree, Blended Learning Part-Time MBA degree, Executive MBA Digital Transformation program, also Specialized Graduate Programs, PHD Programs that have their own branches.

8.  University of Calgary

At the core of this university stands the research system, which has made it prominent all around Canada. The main campus of Calgary University is located towards the face of the Rocky Mountains, thus making it nature-friendly. For those who want to study business majors and follow their aspirations for a prosperous career as entrepreneurs, then the business school of Calgary University has a lot to offer. Having explored the outstanding campuses, the classes within the school, and last but not least the curriculum; you are free to enroll in the Haskayne School of Business,  where you can find all the possible programs. Whether it is of entry level – Bachelor of Commerce; or advanced level – Master of Management, Master of Business Administration, Executive MBA, Msc Sustainable Energy Development; up to the doctoral degree – Doctor of Business Administration, PhD in Management.

9.  University of Montréal

The first management school “HEC Montreal,”  in Canada, is known in its full form as “École des hautes études commerciales de Montréal,” undoubtedly in the French language. Since 1907, University of Montreal has transformed many concepts of the business industry and created numberless laboratories for relevant faculties. Except for the Master of Management in International Arts Management which is offered only in English, the rest of the business programs are also offered in French and Spanish language. As a highly accessible educational institution, it equips students with the most wanted employability skills and with the confidence to confront the ongoing challenges of the business world. A note worth taking is that HEC Montreal has been internationally renowned for its role in the economic changes in Canada.

10. University of Concordia

Among the ten best business universities in Canada for international students, University of Concordia is entrusted for the innovative methods and techniques of teaching. Also, for the facilities, it provides to better prepare students for the present and future labor market. Placing more than 9,000 international students in its faculties, this university is rapidly growing and gaining international appreciation. Throughout the years, John Molson School of Business has been committed to welcome students into its learning and research environments, consequently to achieve the production of new business leaders and entrepreneurs. As a matter of fact, the business programs of this school have been holding an elite position when it comes to world rankings. John Malson MBA programs such as: Full-Time and Part-Time MBA, Executive MBA, and/or MBA in Investment Management provide students with the necessary skills that employers are looking for.