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Best Universities for Marketing in Canada

Best Universities for Marketing in Canada. A marketing degree is right for you if you are creative and enjoy solving problems, working with data, and connecting with people. As a link to customers, marketing provides an external perspective, steers innovation and growth, and drives revenue, value, and loyalty. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the number of available jobs for marketing managers is expected to grow by 10% from 2020 to 2030. A degree in sales or marketing may be a great choice if you are driven, self-motivated, personable, and competitive.

Marketing positions usually require a bachelor’s degree in marketing or a business-related field. A master’s or doctoral degree isn’t often required, but it is preferable. Completing an internship or any other work experience will make you a desired applicant.

Best Universities for Marketing in Canada

Best Universities for Marketing in Canada

Here are the best universities for Marketing in Canada:

University of Toronto

This certificate program will teach you the fundamentals of creating, sustaining, and increasing demand for any product or service in marketing. You’ll learn how to build and execute measurable marketing strategies across traditional, digital, and social platforms. All courses are taught by professionals who bring traditional and modern perspectives on marketing.

Marketing essentials include audience research, distribution, creative strategy, brand management, traditional and digital advertising, search engine marketing, social media, and online copywriting.

Toronto offers courses in Foundations of Marketing Research, Foundations of Advertising, Digital Marketing Strategy, Digital Marketing Channels, Strategic Customer Relationship Management and Sales, Foundations of Competitive Intelligence, Foundations of Brand Management, Foundations of Digital Communications Strategy and Social Media.

McGill University

At McGill University, you’ll be able to generate practical, relevant, and effective marketing plans by taking core courses in marketing strategy, marketing research, and consumer behavior, as well as electives tailored to your interests.

With marketing as a major and concentration, students can choose courses focusing on fundamental theoretical material and others with a strong focus on practice.

You can pursue careers in brand management, advertising, digital marketing, sales management, business-to-business marketing, e-commerce, and retailing with a Marketing degree. Take advantage of your creative content or digital marketing skills, or use your passion for data as a digital marketer or SEO analyst.

University of Alberta

Alberta conducts world-class research in retailing, market research, and consumer behavior that underpins the Marketing major at the Alberta School of Business. The major of Marketing at the Alberta School of Business is built on the faculty’s world-class retailing, market research, and consumer behavior research.

As part of the major, you will participate in lectures, discussions, group projects, market simulations, and research-based principles. You will gain practical consumer and market analysis skills, marketing programs, and managerial decision-making, preparing you to participate in excellent marketing practice.

You can find various work opportunities in consumer marketing, communications, marketing research, customer service, merchandising, and more.

York University

As a student at York University, you will gain practical experience in product management, advertising and communications, market research, and consumer behavior. Students are taught by a close-knit faculty of industry experts and active researchers from multiple countries with a wide range of interests and teaching interests.

You’ll sharpen your marketing knowledge through introductory marketing and fundamentals courses. York teaches all marketing areas and offers the largest selection of marketing electives in any business school in the country.

Along with internships, you can participate in national case competitions and work on real-life projects with companies and non-profit organizations.

You can work in sales, public relations, and market research, as a marketing officer, customer relationship manager, marketing coordinator, social media manager, brand manager, media specialist, advertising executive, and more.

Centennial College

With Centennial College’s Marketing program, you will be prepared to be the essential link between an organization and its customers. As part of this certificate program, you will learn business basics such as accounting, organizational behavior, business software, customer service, and international business.

These topics will provide you with foundational knowledge for courses and issues that will follow, such as sales and service, account management, marketing theory and case-based problem solving, marketing communications, and advertising and promotion.

This program will provide a hands-on learning approach besides classroom theory. You’ll explore areas of marketing through presentations, projects, computer simulations, guest lectures, and technologies.

Western University

Marketers work across multiple sectors to create value for both customers and organizations. This dynamic field of study offers a variety of opportunities for students from various academic backgrounds, ranging from research to brand management.

Industry experts teach and develop Western’s ten required courses to connect theory to practice.

In this program, you will learn to create integrated media plans, understand customer needs and wants, learn the theories of the industry through experts and leaders, analyze consumer behaviors and current marketing considerations, grow the customer base, and remove guesswork while making important business decisions.

By participating in the practicum, you will gain valuable hands-on experience, establish a strong network of industry contacts, and gain an edge in your job search. A great career in your target industry results from your hard work in the classroom.

University of Manitoba

At the University of Manitoba, marketing majors discover this exciting field encompasses much more than sales and advertising. They learn about consumer behavior, social issues, branding, international marketing, and marketing research.

As part of the Asper International Exchange Program, students are also eligible to take courses abroad.

Prestigious award-winning professors teach students at Manitoba that are also active researchers, have their articles published in top marketing journals, and receive national grants.

To kick-start your career, you can explore different career paths, professions, industries, companies, and majors with the co-op program before you graduate.

You can find various career opportunities in utilities, communications, insurance, banks, retail chains, high tech, and more.

Concordia University

During your studies at Concordia University, you’ll exercise your creative mind, decision-making, and study consumer behavior skills. Students examine modern marketing theories and practices, learn to analyze marketing data, can adapt to changing marketing environments, communication, and personal-selling skills, and identify the information needed to solve marketing problems.

The co-op option is also available, allowing students to complete paid work terms from 12 to 16 weeks, helping them plan and organize events, conduct market research, participate in fundraising campaigns, and create public relations strategies.

You can find a career as a product or brand manager, social media specialist, marketing communications coordinator, or account executive.