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Term 2 grade 12 task 2 project life orientation memorandum 2022

Term 2 grade 12 task 2 project life orientation memorandum 2022, Term 2 grade 12 task 2 project life orientation memorandum 2022| PDF Download,  Term 2 grade 12 task 2 project life orientation memorandum 2022 – Life orientation grade 12 task 2: project memo answers 2022; Twelfth grade, 12th grade, senior year, or grade 12 is the final year of secondary school in most of South Africa. In other regions, it may also be referred to as class 12 or Year 13.

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Term 2 grade 12 task 2 project life orientation memorandum 2022

          Activity 1


1.1.1 Gender based violence is specifically directed at someone because of their biological sex or gender identity is classified as GBV. It can occur publicly or privately. It includes, verbal, physical, sexual and psychological abuse. As well as threats, coercion and deprivation, for example, economic or education.

1.1.2 There was this family in my community where the father of the house abused his wife physically, he used beat his every time whenever he came home drunk for no reason.


1.1.3 I’m scared of having that kind of a father nor a husband of that kind because as we speak that husband killed his wife and is in jail right now, I don’t feel safe as a girl and I fear for my life.




  • Sexual Offences and Related Matters – The current draft for this new amendment introduces 3 new elements. Firstly, it identifies ‘sexual intimidation’ as an offence. Secondly, it increases the reporting duty for those who suspect or know that a child is being sexually abused and, thirdly, it would increase the scope of behaviours that may place a person on the national register for sexual offences.
  • Domestic Violence Act – This amendment would broaden the definition of domestic violence so that individuals who are in less formal relationships would still be able to report instances of domestic abuse. Additionally, protection orders would become available online rather than only through a formal court proceeding.


Discussion, projects, campaigns and events provide a supportive platform to the victims of human right violations not only by spreading awareness and letting people know about it, but also by giving them a platform to report their grievances and get the support of the common mass.


  • A responsible citizen must take care of things happening around him, and always be against any illegal and unsocial activity. They should become witness to any crime in court, so that the victim gets the right justice, and the need of these things are strongly needed, as because it is not known when and at which moment who may become the victim.
  • Ordinarycitizens and the community who are not victims (punished and harmed by the government) can do little more than petition their elected officials for better The most important change would be a replacement of all lawful punishment (harm) with discipline (help).

                                                               Activity 2



  • A lot of people happen to know what human rights are and only few don’t what is human rights together with their examples
  • Some people weren’t aware of human rights violations happening in their community, the likes of contamination of water.
  • Although they know about laws that protect citizens from human rights violation.
  • Majority thinks the government system fails them because they say you’ll find that the person raped but within two years, that person is out of jail and is now roaming in the streets.
  • All of them state that they will go to South African Police Service if their human rights are being violated

Activity 3


  • People who grow up in a violent family are more likely to commit gender-based violence.

Research shows that family violence can cause a cycle of abuse, where those family members think it is acceptable to abuse others.

Ø  Alcohol and substance abuse are the key drivers of gender-based violence.

It is true that drinking too much alcohol or taking drugs can make it difficult for some people to control their anger and actions.

People who are intoxicated may experience impaired thinking. Thus, alcohol and substance abuse do contribute to gender-based violence.

Ø  Men’s violence against women is particularly facilitated by women’s weak economic position.

One of the main reasons victims of gender-based violence have cited for remaining in a violent relationship is because they are dependent on their spouses for basic needs such as food, clothing and shelter.


  • Government

Government condemns any form of violence against women and children. Government works together with police, prosecutors and courts to ensure that those who hurt and abuse others are arrested and convicted. Report all cases of rape, sexual assault or any form of violence to a local police station or call the toll-free Crime Stop number: 086 00 10111.

For example there government also implemented an organization which is called Gender based violence command center. You can call them on 080 042 8428

  • Community

They also support survivors seeking justice by helping with lawyer and court fees. Community leaders, such as pastors and other church leaders, teachers, village elders and government officials, regularly convene to discuss local GBV cases and issues.

Have community forums which patrol the area each and every night to make sure that women and children are protected at all times.

  • Religious organizations

They influence the masses through teachings and act as role models. The religious leaders and marriage counsellors of the Office of Religious Affairs, are influential in the field of family guidance, and marriage and couple reconciliation. This makes them key players in the fight against GBV.

Activity 4



  • Ensure that all print media/subscriptions to electronic media is affordable
  • Increase radio/TV broadcasting by helping to establish more radio/TV broadcasting stations/channels.


  • People use social media as a way to bully and harass other people especially teenagers have been known to commit suicide as a result of vicious comments and posts about them, and even messages.
  • Hackers have been able to access various pieces of very private information and share this all over the globe. While there is a place for hackers in order to stop other hackers, the reality is also that this cat and mouse game is one that has no end, and that claims many victims.


  • To never put private, identifying information on any social media platform or other public forum.
  • To make sure all private settings are set in such a way that nobody can access important information or make changes.
  • To make sure you only connect with people who you actually want to associate with.


  • The media can make people aware of their rights, expose its violations and focus attention on people and areas in need of the protection of human rights and pursue their case till they achieve them.
  • The media should not shy away from reporting an issue or news item, fearing as it may go against the government or prejudicial to the interests of the big businesses who are the sponsors of ads to the media.
  • The media should present objective, accurate, truthful and balanced information.

4.3 The limitations to the right to freedom of expression of the media may assist in promoting public safety:

  • Regulating the publishing/distribution of unlawful illustrations of community protests they may be able to control outbreaks from spreading to other areas and this may ensure social order in these communities thereby protecting citizens from being harmed/property from being vandalized.
  • Controlling media reporting on issues of national security and public order the media is obligated to be responsible in their broadcasting thereby they may be limited from publishing information that might compromise national security and this may protect citizens/the country from possible international threats.

Activity 5

5.1 Government

  • The main recommendation i can make with regards to human rights violations on governments is the creation of strong institutions. There needs to be independent Courts and Commissions that deal with specific issues like corruption and gender issues.

5.2 Communities

  • The community also has an obligation to monitor governments and their track records with human rights. Also work hand in hand with the police and other organizations that deals with human rights.