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Best Universities for Computer Science in Canada

Best Universities for Computer Science in Canada. Best Global Universities for Computer Science in Canada. These are the top universities in Canada for computer science, based on their reputation and research in the field

Canada is a study abroad destination for thousands of international students and among the most preferable universities are those of computer science. The demand for computer scientists and engineers keeps rising significantly and the job opportunities in Canada are constantly proliferating. You are most likely to find your niche in any of the top universities for computer science in Canada.

Since technology is part of everyday life, inventions on technological devices are acquiring different methodologies from those of past times. All the computer science programs in Canadian universities have affordable tuition fees, which is largely what attracts international students. The process of choosing a computer science program might be challenging for many international students. So, to lend a hand, in this article, we have listed some of the best computer science universities in Canada.

Best Universities for Computer Science in Canada

Best Universities for Computer Science in Canada

Here are the best universities for computer science in Canada:

University of British Columbia – Vancouver 

Located in the Canadian province of British Columbia, this university bears its name since 1908. One of the biggest campuses of this University is the Vancouver campus, where students can start computer science studies. Included in the Faculty of Science, the Computer Science BSc programs, which take 4 years to complete, provide students with fundamental knowledge of databases and operating systems. Apart from mandatory courses, undergraduate computer science majors can freely pick elective courses and also independent study programs. Thus, having the chance to combine their studies in computer science with other science subjects, such as computer science and biology, computer science and physics, etc. In addition, the co-op program will add one full year to the undergraduate degree and serve as an annex to apply the gained knowledge in a real-life environment.

University of Waterloo – Waterloo

University of Waterloo ranks in the highest position in global-scale, and thousands of international and domestic students prefer to invest in the Cheriton School of Computer Science, mainly because it offers them joint degree programs in different universities of the world. First year students can engage in a large range of programs; BCS + BBA double degree, CS Major and Computing minor and CS minor. Overall, the tuition fee is almost equal to both domestic and international students, although it can vary depending on specific programs. Graduate level of study is considered much more advanced and it takes a lot more dedication since students have to engage in research projects and examine things more thoroughly. Some Master programs at the David R. Cheriton School of Computer Science are: Master of Mathematics in Computer Science, Accelerated Master’s – only students of Waterloo University, Master of Data Science and Artificial Intelligence, Master of Mathematics in Data Science.

University of McGill – Montreal

By starting computer science studies at the university of McGill where the first search engine was created, you are choosing to achieve a reputable career and most importantly, a highly demanded profession. The variety of computer science programs offered at the Faculty of Science shapes students into software engineers, web developers, game developers, user experience designers, etc. The undergraduate programs cover much more than the major in computer science, thus offering Joint Major and Joint Honours in Mathematics and Computer Science; Joint Major and Joint Honours in Statistics and Computer Science. Furthemore, Major, Honours, Liberal, Minor, Major Concentration and Minor concentrations programs in Computer Science;  as well as Major, Liberal and Major Concentration programs in Software Engineering and many others.

University of Toronto – Toronto

At the University of Toronto, the department of computer science is extremely appreciated for its computer science courses and programs, the research opportunities it offers to its students, and the academic staff  that lecture there. Future students of the first year will get introduced to various courses, including Artificial Intelligence, Computational Linguistics and Natural Language Processing, Computer Systems, Human-Computer Interaction and so many others. Computer Science programs at University of Toronto allow you to combine your studies with any other course in the Faculty of Art and Science. Those with exceptional knowledge and skills are able to engage in diverse research areas that the University of Toronto offers.

Simon Fraser University – Burnaby

When searching for Canadian universities with the best programs in computer science, Simon Fraser University will appear at the top 10 best universities due to its rich curriculum in computer science. Yearly, thousands of  international students choose to learn theoretical and practical aspects of computing at the School of Computing Science. Since the best programs are always challenging, first year students might consider these programs that will significantly enhance their critical thinking and problem solving skills: Computing Science Major, Software System Major, and the dual degree program in Computing Science, which is arranged between the Simon Fraser University and Zhejiang University. Along with those programs, it is possible to follow joint major and interdisciplinary programs.

McMaster University – Hamilton

In the city of Hamilton, you will encounter the valuable treasures that McMaster University hides in the Department of Computing and Software. This department is administered  by the Faculty of Engineering, which means that students will study a variety of subjects consisting of not only computer programming but also machine learning and human-computer interface. The international student population in McMaster University comes from more than 70 countries and the majority of them undertake prosperous jobs after the completion of a computer science degree. Undergraduate students are able to combine the Bachelor of Applied Science degree with co-op and experiential learning. As for the graduate level of studies, students are offered a plethora of areas to specialize in such as health informatics and bioinformatics, scientific computing and optimization, software quality, and other specific areas in computer science.

University of Alberta – Edmonton

University of Alberta is internationally renowned for its important relations with European universities, hence providing students with the opportunities to study periodically into prestigious universities of Europe. Furthermore, students who are pursuing computer science in the Department of Computing Science are no exception. In fact, the research partners of this department vary in terms of industries and academic disciplines, thus creating a diverse and dynamic environment for studying computer science. The department of Computing Science introduces students to several disciplines including, Communication Networks, Algorithmics, Computer Graphics, Computer Vision, Robotics, Software Engineering and many more. The first year students will study the fundamental qualities of computer science. Meanwhile, graduate students will be able to flourish further in computer science by taking part in research programs.

Concordia University – Montreal

Concordia’s primary campus in Montreal, Canada hosts students from any part of the world into the Computer Science and Software Engineering Department. Thus, offering them a lot of convenient choices, starting with the General Program, which gives students the opportunity to choose courses that deal with artificial intelligence, hardware, gaming, and various courses within the department. Overall, students can choose from five study degrees in the School of Engineering and Computer Science: Bachelor of Computer Science, Master of Computer Science, Master of Applied Computer Science, Doctor of Philosophy and Graduate Diploma in Computer Science. As soon as students possess the degree in computer science, they are ready to explore job opportunities and easily find employment in any company or faculty in Canada.

University of Montreal – Montreal 

University of Montreal is awarded as the best international university for computer science, providing many exceptional programs in this field. Its beautiful campuses and splendid professors attract more than 8,000 international students. Over more than 50 years, the Department of Computer Science and Operation Researches has been cultivating exceptional computer scientists that serve internationally in related fields. As a French-language institution, students are not restricted to this language and can submit assignments in the English language, too. Particularly, students of graduate-level programs and research departments. Along with undergraduate programs, students can follow interdisciplinary programs which include: Bachelor’s in Bioinformatics, Bachelor’s in Mathematics and Computer Science, and Bachelor’s in Physics and Computer Science.

University of Ottawa – Ottawa

The Faculty of Engineering at the University of Ottawa offers four dynamic programs: Electrical Engineering, Software Engineering, Computer Engineering and Computer Science. Among many other schools of engineering in Canada, the School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science holds the triumph for the best programs in computer science. Related with one another, the computer science program and electrical engineering program share similar values and students of either program will study computing technology. The majority of students who graduate from the University of Ottawa become CEOs, managers, and team leaders, to mention few. Students who want to focus specifically in computer science can pick any of those degrees: Honours BSc with three optional specializations, Joint Honours BSc in Computer Science and Mathematics, as well as Major and Minor in Computer Science.