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NAPLAN Key dates | NAPLAN Test Timetables

NAPLAN Key dates | NAPLAN Test Timetables, Schools are able to use the expanded, flexible test window to schedule tests in a manner that best suits their needs. All classes in a school must complete a domain before classes can move onto the next domain. For instance, all classes at Cook High School must finish the writing test before any of the classes can start the reading test. If students are absent, the classes can still move onto the reading test, even if these absent students have not yet done the writing test. when is naplan 2022, naplan 2022 results, naplan 2022 dates victoria, naplan 2022 dates year 9, naplan 2022 dates year 5, naplan 2022 dates year 3, naplan 2022 dates year 7, naplan 2022 practice tests

NAPLAN Key dates | NAPLAN Test Timetables

Assessment type



NAPLAN practice tests 2023 Schools can complete practice tests in the assessment platform from the beginning of Term 1. For more information, contact your school or your Test administration authority.

The Public demonstration site provides sample tests for student familiarisation year-round.


From 2023, NAPLAN is moving to March. See What’s changed (PDF 101 KB) or read more about NAP improvements.

2022 10–20 May
2023 15–27 March

See NAPLAN test window infographic (PDF 645 KB)

See Test window

See Ramadan and NAPLAN

2024 13–25 March
2025 12–24 March
2026 11–23 March
2027 10–22 March
NAP sample assessments – ICT literacy 2022 Field trial (WA, SA, Vic and NSW only): 6 June – 17 June
Main study: 10 October – 11 November
NAP–SL sample assessments 2023 NAP sample assessments will move from October to Term 2.
NAP sample opt-in assessments 2024 From 2024, schools will be able to opt in to additional assessments in the NAP sample domains for Years 6 and 10.

Item trial

Schools may also be selected to participate in NAPLAN item trial testing (July and August). The selected schools are required to participate in these activities. For more information, read the NAP small-scale tests (PDF 184 KB) fact sheet. For more information about these events, please contact your Test administration authority.

NAPLAN test window

The NAPLAN test window is 9 days.

Students who are absent when their class participates in the tests can sit catch-up tests later in the test window.

If schools have any questions when planning a test schedule specific to their needs, they should contact the relevant state/territory Test administration authority.

Schools are able to use the 9-day test window to schedule tests, noting the test sequence in the table below and the following:

  • Tests must be scheduled as soon as possible within the test window, prioritising scheduling in the morning over the afternoon.
  • If students do more than one test in a given day, they must be given a break of at least 20 minutes between test sessions.

Download the NAPLAN test window infographic (PDF 645 KB).

Test Scheduling requirements Duration Test description
Writing Year 3 students do a paper-based writing test (on day 1 only). It is recommended that Year 3 writing tests be completed by all classes at the same time in the morning.

Years 5, 7 and 9 writing must be scheduled on day 1, with day 2 only used where there are technical or logistical limitations.

Year 3: 40 minutes

Year 5: 42 minutes

Year 7: 42 minutes

Year 9: 42 minutes

Students are provided with a ‘writing stimulus’ (sometimes called a ‘prompt’ – an idea or topic) and asked to write a response in a particular genre (narrative or persuasive writing).
Reading To be completed before the conventions of language test.


Year 3: 45 minutes

Year 5: 50 minutes

Year 7: 65 minutes

Year 9: 65 minutes

Students read a range of informative, imaginative and persuasive texts and then answer related questions.
Conventions of language To be completed after the reading test. Year 3: 45 minutes

Year 5: 45 minutes

Year 7: 45 minutes

Year 9: 45 minutes

This test assesses spelling, grammar and punctuation.
Numeracy To be completed after the conventions of language test. Year 3: 45 minutes

Year 5: 50 minutes

Year 7: 65 minutes

Year 9: 65 minutes

This test assesses number and algebra, measurement and geometry, and statistics and probability.


Technical requirements

For more information on technical readiness and device requirements, visit Technical requirements.

The Online National Assessment Platform has a capacity planning tool to help schools plan resources such as devices needed and bandwidth allocation rooms.

Catch-ups and rescheduling test sessions

Catch-up sessions are for individual students who are absent when their class participates in tests and are to be completed within the Test window.

Rescheduling occurs when students or classes cannot start or complete a test due to technical disruptions.

Catch-up sessions

Students who are absent when their class participates in the tests can sit catch-up tests later in the test window.

Schools should try to schedule catch-up tests in the prescribed test sequence as far as possible.

Catch-up tests for writing should be held as soon as possible within the test window.

The scenario below provides an example of how the rules around catch-up sessions can be applied to NAPLAN tests.

Catch-up scenario: Student misses the first 3 tests

Bob is in Year 5. He has been sick with the flu and was away from school for the first week of NAPLAN.

When he returns to school the following Monday, his class is scheduled to do the numeracy test. Bob does the numeracy test with his classmates on Monday morning.

On Monday afternoon, Bob does the writing test in a catch-up session. He then completes the reading test, followed by the conventions of language test in catch-up sessions on Tuesday.

Rescheduling test sessions

When students or classes cannot start or complete a test due to technical disruptions, the test session will be rescheduled.

Rescheduled tests must occur as soon as possible within the test window. Schools should refer to the NAPLAN national protocols for test administration and contact their Test administration authority for any questions about rescheduling.

Please also be aware:

  • Rescheduled writing tests take precedence over scheduled or catch-up testing for other domains.
  • If writing tests must be rescheduled after day 1 (Year 3) or day 2 (Years 5, 7 and 9), the school must notify the test administration authority as soon as possible.
  • The writing test takes priority over any rescheduled tests from day 1.

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