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Best Universities in Canada for Teaching Degrees

Best Universities in Canada for Teaching Degrees. Being a teacher comes with a lot of responsibilities, which is beneficial since all these responsibilities will allow you to advance within your field. Whether you’re asking yourself “is teaching a good career in Canada” or simply want to know about the best universities in Canada for teaching degrees, then you’re at the right place.

Canada is known for its remarkable education as well as for the endless research opportunities in a variety of fields. Consequently, the chances of getting employed after graduation are quite high. On the other side of the coin, international students should be aware that the accommodation options and average salaries differ from one province to another.

Best Universities in Canada for Teaching Degrees

To be satisfied with educational programs one must check the best universities in Canada for teaching degrees. Canadian universities are well regarded among many international colleges and institutions around the world.

Best Universities in Canada for Teaching Degrees

Here are some of the best universities in Canada for teaching degrees:

University of British Columbia

The University of British Columbia provides a variety of undergraduate bachelor of education routes, including language specializations and an Indigenous teacher preparation program. International students who pick the second option will be able to select the subjects they want to teach and will be placed accordingly. The Faculty of Education promotes excellent teaching and research, engaging educational experiences, and fulfilling campus life. On the Indigenous teacher education program, students will learn how Indigenous culture can be integrated with mainstream education. Students begin their studies in a field center, allowing groups to bond throughout their studies.

In addition to undergraduate programs, the University of British Columbia provides master’s degree programs in over 30 distinct specializations, including early childhood education, art education, business education, curriculum and leadership, and education and technology.

McGill University

Since 1857, McGill’s Faculty of Education has been improving human development and continues to have a significant beneficial influence on today’s society. McGill Education takes pride in its award-winning leadership and innovation in the disciplines of teaching and learning, educational and counseling psychology, and kinesiology and sports science. At this faculty, international students can find both undergraduate and postgraduate education programs in a variety of specializations. Within the Faculty of Education, research centers and institutes serve as multidisciplinary hubs, bringing together specialists from many faculties, schools, and countries.

McGill’s Faculty of Education provides a variety of on-campus undergraduate, graduate, and doctorate programs, as well as local and international workshop series and indigenous education in the community.

University of Toronto

The University of Toronto is a diverse community of brilliant minds and visionary leaders that spans the Greater Toronto Area. The Ontario Institute for Studies in Education (OISE) Department of Curriculum, Teaching, and Learning provides a graduate program in Teaching that leads to the Master of Teaching (MT) degree. The master of teaching degree is intended for people who want to work in education and is available at three levels: elementary, junior, and senior. Other master’s degree programs include the master of adult education and community development, which focuses on how people learn in various settings.

You can also study Developmental Psychology and Education specialization at master’s or doctorate level. International students have the chance to gain a broad understanding of developmental psychology and human development.

Concordia University

Concordia, regarded as the next-generation university, is always developing better high education systems that will address some of the most pressing challenges of our day. At this university, international students will meet the mission of the Department of Education, which is the offer of accountable and innovative leadership in the creation and dissemination of educational knowledge. Educational Studies (MA) which falls under the Faculty of Arts and Science focuses on alternative educational options, with a strong commitment to social justice and putting theory into practice. Through your studies, you can take part in a wide variety of funded research projects, thus having the chance to support your final project.

As an international student of this program, you will get a wide range of research abilities that will enable you to evaluate difficult educational challenges with insight and depth. Graduates can choose to continue their studies or take advantage of a number of interesting possibilities in the non-profit and educational sectors.

University of Ottawa

The University of Ottawa has a global perspective and, in terms of education programs, is regarded as one of the most distinguished institutions in Canada. The Faculty of Education’s strengths include the quality of the programs, professors, research, and the administrative staff. Two-year Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.) programs, led by a diverse team of education leaders, offer liberal densities and cohorts to prepare you to build the sustainable communities of the future by teaching in English-language schools and providing specialized training for Indigenous teachers. You are offered the Teacher Education program, the Second Language Teaching Program, and the Indigenous Teacher Education Program.

Having graduated, the Faculty of Education proposes that the OCT awards the Certificate of Qualification and Registration. The earned degree qualifies you to teach in English-language schools in Ontario. Additionally, all Teacher Education programs are accredited by the Ontario College of Teachers.

Simon Fraser University

Simon Fraser University’s Faculty of Education is a worldwide education leader engaged in research and academic inquiry, devoted to expanding knowledge, and dedicated to enhancing teaching practice and the learning experience. Throughout its existence, this faculty has evolved in the context of providing the most intimate and responsive programs in the field of education. undergraduate studies, teacher education, and graduate studies have their own special institutional framework.

Undergraduate studies provide possibilities to a wide range of students, including those considering or planning careers as school teachers, in-service teachers, and students from a number of fields interested in learning more about educational ideas. Graduate programs are intended for academics, professionals, and researchers. Students strive for the pinnacle of brilliance in scholarship, research, and teaching. On the other hand, Field Programs provide in-service professional development for BC school teachers and administrators in a variety of areas.

University of Calgary

Werklund School of Education is the most optimal education school that any international can choose since the percentage of the undergraduate students who get hired by the time they graduate is relatively high, around 85%. One of the Faculty of Education’s strong points is the multiple chances for students to publicly present their research to peers, professors, and the professional teaching community through different program showcases and conferences. The fastest path toward embarking on your teaching career is by completing either of these three undergraduate programs: The Four-Year On-Campus Bachelor of Education, the Four-Year Community-Based Bachelor of Education, or The Concurrent Bachelor of Education.

Through its research-informed academic programs, meaningful educational research, and engaging community-engagement activities, the Werklund School of Education provides students with a life-changing experience.

University of Victoria

Education is at the core of any university, and the University of Victoria is no exception. University of Victoria’s faculties are committed to providing dynamic learning, research with a vital impact, and an extraordinary academic environment, thus having a high criterion on the acceptance admission. In particular, the Faculty of Education provides reasonably rich areas of study, counting Teacher Education, Curriculum Studies, Indigenous Language Revitalization, Recreation & Health Education, Kinesiology, Leadership, Physical Education & Coaching, Counselling Psychology, and the final one, Educational Psychology. International students can find undergraduate and postgraduate education programs in a range of specialties at this faculty.

There is no better place to start if you want to be a teacher, a community leader, a counselor, work in the health profession, or work in sports and leisure. Not to leave aside the conventional and creative research work that this faculty performs to improve knowledge and understanding across different disciplines in education today.

Is Teaching a Good Career in Canada?

Teaching is a satisfying career and Canada is quite a prosperous place in which teachers are highly required. Since the teaching profession is fundamentally broad, the provinces of Canada require different levels and types of teaching jobs. Overall, teachers in Canada are highly respected.

The salary of teachers in Canada is based on a number of factors:

  • The grade level at which you are qualified to teach.
  • Your expertise in teaching.
  • Other specific assigned qualifications .
  • The province or territory in which you teach.

The average income for a school teacher in Canada is $45,000 per year or $23 per hour. Starting salaries for entry-level occupations start at $36,600 per year, with most experienced professionals earning up to $74,000 per year.