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Best Universities in Canada for Pharmacy

Best Universities in Canada for Pharmacy. Studying pharmacy in Canada will open you tons of doors to a successful career. Studying in Canada is always a smart choice and that is because of the high-level education that its institutions continuously offer. By completing pharmacy courses in Canadian universities you will gain practical knowledge that will serve you in real-life situations. Taking the road toward becoming a pharmacist will require you at least five years of university education.

Best Universities in Canada for Pharmacy

Best Universities in Canada for Pharmacy

If you’re looking for the best universities in Canada for pharmacy then you have landed in the right place. There are a number of universities in Canada that offer various degree programs in pharmacy. Find some of the best universities for pharmacy in Canada below.

Here are some of the best universities in Canada for pharmacy:

University of Toronto

This higher education institution has a long and rich history of educating a number of generations since 1827. The University of Toronto is considered one of the top universities in Canada, attracting the world’s best students into its classes. Additionally, U of T is valued for being a research-intensive university that makes remarkable discoveries.

Pharmacy studies can be followed under the Leslie Dan Faculty of Pharmacy. This faculty is a recognized global leader in the fields of pharmacy education and research. The International Pharmacy Graduate program is an academic program that serves as a bridge to meet Canadian entry-to-practice requirements and develop skills to care for patients, as the profession evolves. There are other degrees that you can choose from, such as Pharmaceutical Chemistry Specialist, PharmD-MBA, PharmD for Pharmacists, to mention a few.

University of British Columbia

The University of British Columbia is linked to the process of creating innovative opportunities for all the knowledge seekers. This institution is consistently being recognized as the top 20th public university in the world. Through teaching, learning, and research, students of UBC will experience a transformative phase into becoming bright minds.

The Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences offers a plethora of academic programs, giving you the opportunity to choose from professional undergraduate studies and specialized graduate-level training. The University of British Columbia is one of the top pharmaceutical science schools that welcomes expert researchers from around the world. When you become part of this university, besides the undergraduate and postgraduate degrees, you are also offered non-degree programs.

McGill University

McGill University is made up of two vitally important elements, which are research and innovation. The strongest motive of this higher education is to make the world a more sustainable place. Being one of Canada’s most-known universities and one of the leading universities in the world, McGill University offers excellent education.

Pharmacology studies can be taken at this university as a Major, Honours, or Minor. The BSc. Pharmacology Major provides you with a solid background in pharmacology and allied disciplines. After completing this degree, you will be ready for your graduate studies in biomedical or environmental sciences, or even professional programs like medicine, dentistry, nursing, and veterinary sciences.

University of Alberta

Being one of the top 5 Canadian universities and one of the top 150 in the world, the University of Alberta offers a rich and meaningful student experience. The University of Alberta is home to a huge number of international students, nearly 7,200. Known as a multi-campus university, the University of Alberta has three main teaching campuses that have their own atmosphere and focus.

You will find many advantages when pursuing your pharmaceutical education at the University of Alberta, one of the best is participating in ground-breaking research while you are currently studying. The faculty of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences serves as Alberta’s sole pharmacy school since 1914. At the undergraduate level, you can take the Entry to Practice PharmD, which is a four-year professional program. Additionally, you are able to follow other advanced degrees, such as Master of Business Administration and PharmD Combined Degrees.

University of Calgary

The ultimate goal of the University of Calgary is to become one of Canada’s top research-intensive universities. Considering its position on the international scale, the University of Calgary is ongoingly pushing the limits of its students, making them expand their expectations.

The Department of Physiology and Pharmacology is the largest science department in the Cumming School of Medicine. What gives strength to this department is the outstanding faculty, its academic staff, and students, all of which are proud to be committed to excellence in research and education. Additionally, the Department of Physiology and Pharmacology in partnership with the Snyder Institute for Chronic Diseases at the Cumming School of Medicine, University of Calgary ongoingly recruits candidates that are a right fit for academic positions.

University of Montreal

The University of Montreal in union with its schools, HEC Montreal and Polytechnique Montreal, is one of the highly regarded educational institutions in Quebec. Ranked in the fourth position in the terms of the volume of its research activities, the University of Montreal is working towards developing advanced astronomical instruments.

The Faculty of Pharmacy at the University of Montreal is one of the biggest faculties of pharmacy in Canada. The faculty is located in the Jean Coutu pavilion on Mount Royal and gives easy access to modern facilities and beautiful surroundings. Under this faculty, you will find three undergraduate programs, an entry-level Pharm. D., a Baccalaureate in biopharmaceutical sciences and a program for pharmacists trained in a foreign country.  Additionally, you will find several graduate programs in drug development and pharmaceutical sciences that will definitely train you to become a pharmaceutical researcher.

University of Laval

The University of Laval is the most prestigious university in Quebec, most people call it a student university. Driven by innovation and challenges, the University of Laval over the years has educated and graduated over 300,000 students. Being an active member of its community, this university works hand in hand with local leaders and gives its contribution to any area of society.

The Faculty of Pharmacy of Laval University is a human and innovative faculty. This faculty is special for a number of reasons, starting with the quality of its teaching, its worldwide reputation, and its remarkable researchers. You can find study and training programs, and pick whichever fits your ambitions. The undergraduate doctor of pharmacy will have you acquire and develop various resources that will allow you to intervene effectively in all situations relating to the practice of pharmacy. To increase your practical knowledge in pharmacy, you can pick a Microprogram in Pharmaceutical Product Development, an MBA in pharmaceutical management, or a master’s degree in pharmaceutical sciences.

University of Manitoba

The University of Manitoba attracts students from all around the world and offers them the opportunity to share their ideas and vision for positive change. This higher education institution is all about embracing challenges and taking action. Manitoba was named one of Manitoba’s top employers six years in a row, so you’ll always have a prospective career at UM with the right qualifications.

The Rady Faculty of Health Sciences is one of the most competitive faculties in the region, offering a broad range of undergraduate, graduate, and post-graduate programs in the health professions and basic medical sciences. This faculty comprises the College of Pharmacy, whose mission is to lead transformative pharmacy education, research, and service. The programs of study at the College of Pharmacy are quite diverse. You can find professional programs, graduate programs, as well as Concentration in Pharmacoepidemiology. The Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy is the original program of study for pharmacists at the University of Manitoba, offering practical skills.

Western University

Western University has gained a strong reputation after being a founding member of the U15, making it one of the most distinguished research universities in Canada. Counting 12 faculties along with the School of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies, as well as professional programs in Medicine, Business, Law, and Engineering, this university is always on the go.

The College of Pharmacy is famous for its outstanding cutting-edge curriculum, research facilities, state-of-the-art classrooms, and professional staff members. When choosing this faculty you are guaranteed a valuable hands-on experience which will also lead you to engage in research. From caring relationships with patients while taking part in experimental learning opportunities you will become a professional pharmacist. Doctor of Pharmacy, PharmD International Pathway, as well as Master of Science in Pharmaceutical Sciences are just some of the academic programs in the College of Pharmacy.

Queen’s University

Queen’s University is a well-ranked university in Canada for student experience, taking a comprehensive approach and offering learning in real-life settings. Queen’s research-intensive environment and interdisciplinary program offerings give students the chance to gain comprehensive skills required in today’s competitive workforce.

The Bachelor of Health Sciences degree program provided by Queen’s University offers excellent preparation for students interested in a career in Pharmacy. All the provided courses consist of different perspectives across the spectrum of health sciences concentrations. After graduating from this program, you will be ready to apply for admission to Entry-to-Practice Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD) programs both inside Canada and internationally. Alternatively, The Graduate Diploma in Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Management and Innovation is a program that offers students the opportunity to work within the medical roles in pharmacy.