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Best Universities for Psychology in Canada

Best Universities for Psychology in Canada. Canada is a popular study destination for international students because of the number of high-quality universities and lower tuition fees compared with other anglophone countries.

The benefits of studying psychology in Canada include access to some of the world’s best research institutions, reasonable living costs and the opportunity to experience life in a multicultural society.

As for post-degree prospects, psychologists are not only in high demand in Canada, but they were also among the highest paid workers in the country in 2020. For international students, there are also multiple options for staying and working in the country after graduating.

Best Universities for Psychology in Canada

Best Universities for Psychology in Canada

Universities in Canada for psychology serve as an ideal settlement for becoming a psychologist, in which a numerical majority are international students coming from overseas. Generally, Canada is a rather attractive place for international students and visitors alike. Some of the best psychology programs in Canada with affordable tuition fees and scholarships are quite demanding and play a crucial role in pursuing successful careers. Overall, for one to conduct psychology studies in Canada, it is foreseen that students from any place of the world must have studied the following subjects in high school:

  • Mathematics
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Physics

According to QS World University Rankings, it is demonstrated that the below-listed psychology universities in Canada are the most frequented and preferred among international students. So let’s take a look at this box, and just below it, we will discuss each university specifically.

Here are the best universities for Psychology in Canada:

Universities World Ranked Scholarships
University of Toronto 25 Yes
McGill University 31 Yes
University of British Columbia 45 Yes
Université de Montréal 118 Yes
McMaster University 144 Yes
Western University 203 Yes
University of Calgary 246 Yes
Queen’s University 246 Yes
University of Ottawa 279 Yes
Dalhousie University 291 Yes

Ready to dig deeper and find the best psychology degrees in Canada.

1. University of Toronto

Surely, you cannot escape one of the most qualified universities in Canada when it comes to psychology studies; being widely known, the U of T offers many career opportunities and pathways after obtaining a psychology degree at the bachelor or master level. Its remarkable campuses – St. George, Mississauga, and Scarborough around Toronto with more than 45 libraries are all factors that rank this university at the first position in Canada. The department of Psychology, which provides the experimental psychology laboratory, allows students to obtain direct experience for further development in their future careers. The diverse syllabuses of specific subjects teach students how to deal with all kinds of thought processes correctly.

2. McGill University

Operating since 1821, McGill University has created a sustainable future for tons of students who eagerly believed in its educational system. Among 300 fields of studies and 11 faculties that are part of McGill University, The Department of Psychology offers two bachelor degrees. And those programs fall into three faculties: Faculty of Arts – B.A program, Faculty of Science B.Sc program, and lastly Faculty of Arts and Science, respectively B.A and B.Sc program. Part of the Psychology Department is also The McGill Psychology Students’ Association which is in charge of various educational events, seminars, research journals written by undergraduate students, and so forth.

3. University of British Columbia

The University of British Columbia is also known as the heart of the think tank in the country of Canada, gaining $650 million in research fundings annually. Thus, conducting research in clinical neuroscience and many other fields. Not leaving aside the fact that in the past years, the UBC has won Nobel prizes and was accepted as an international university hosting students from several nationalities. The branch of psychology is also the pillar of successful research that the University of British Columbia has undertaken in Learning Enhancement, Behavioural Neuroscience, Clinical, and many other subdisciplines of psychology. Whether you are a domestic or international student, it is possible to choose a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Sciences to become a psychologist.

4. University of Montreal

UDEM is a metropolis that attracts multinational students into studying at more than ten faculties, with an exceptional interest in the Faculty of Arts and Science. The majority of graduate students of psychology find themselves closely tied to research activities. Talking more specifically, the research program in psychology studies enables students to analyze scientific problems of psychic nature conceptually and operationally. As for undergraduate programs, this university opens roads to scientific careers, professional careers, and careers of psychology-related disciplines. In addition to the graduate studies, eager psychologists can continue to have a prosperous career by completing the illustrated programs:

  • PhD in Psychology – Research
  • PhD in Psychology – Clinical
  • PhD in Psychology – Research and Intervention
  • Short Graduate Program in Clinical Neuropsychology

5. McMaster University

The Faculty of Science –  Department of Psychology, Neuroscience and Behaviour employs the most up-to-date scientific methodologies of studying the human and animal mind. Students of this university can undertake research in various areas such as Animal Behaviour, Cognition and Perception, Development Psychology, Evolution and Social Behavior, and many prospective areas throughout their studies. The Health Sciences program at McMaster University is assessed as the most ruthless amidst many other programs in Canada. Moreover, it allows students to select electives from many fields of study and consequently graduate with a subordinate subject.

6. Western University

With a library that holds 5.7 million books, Western University slams all the other Canadian competitive universities that offer international students comfortable environments for a career development action plan. More to this, UW is widely appreciated for its remarkable faculty members, living conditions on campus, and supportive academic staff.  Belonging to the family of mind exploration, students in the Western University are given the opportunity to further their graduate studies in a large number of psychology areas. The internship program of psychology supports students by encouraging and finding them pre-job opportunities during their studies.

7. University of Calgary

There are many reasons why international students choose to study at the University of Calgary, but the tuition fee and its reputation take the front-row chair. The uniqueness of this university lies in the interactive nature of leadership development in diverse areas, such as science, medicine, arts, sports, etc. It takes five years to complete your psychology studies in either Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Science or Bachelor of Community Rehabilitation at the University of Calgary. Thus, creating your own career opportunities in educational institutions, civil service, non-profit organizations, and many other expedient jobs. With this degree, you are not restricted to work only in the above-mentioned jobs; one can utilize a bachelor’s degree to further studies in veterinary medicine, law…thus, opening new paths to their academic achievements.

8. Queen’s University 

Whatever program you choose at Queen’s University, you will be delighted and get a high-quality education. This university has been awarded and medaled for academic achievement unlike any other higher institution in Canada. Namely in cancer research, geoengineering, data analytics, surveillance studies, and numerous other fields. The branch of psychology offers four areas in Master of Science and Doctor of Philosophy study level, including Clinical, Cognitive Neuroscience, Developmental, and Social-Personality. There is a hidden land of employment opportunities not only in the faculties of Queen’s University but also in the position of executives.

9. University of Ottawa

Located in the capital city of Canada, 75 Laurier Ave. E, Ottawa; Ottawa University holds the top 10th position amidst research-intensive universities. Future students are at liberty to choose programs of either English or French language. The Department of Psychology which falls in the Faculty of Social  Science offers a Bachelor of Science degree and  Bachelor of Arts degree with major and minor studies in psychology. The Major in Psychology includes a total of 42 units, whereas the Minor in Psychology includes 30 units. The most common career paths that psychologists choose after completing their bachelor’s degree at U of O are Career Counselor, Case Manager, Laboratory Assistant, Market Researcher, Child Care Worker, and so on.

10. Dalhousie University

To study psychology in Canada, one must also consider the University of Dalhousie. And why is that?

Take a look at the reasons listed below:

  • The Faculty of Science offers areas of excellence in Mental Health, Brain & Cognition, and Development.
  • Plenty of research and training opportunities.
  • All the possible levels of degree: Bachelor’s, Master’s, and PhD in Psychology and Neuroscience.
  • The doctoral program in Clinical Psychology, which of course, is accredited.
  • The graduated students are equipped with the right employability skills and ready to join the workforce as psychologists.