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Best Art Schools in Canada

Best Art Schools in Canada. In retrospect, people have told many many stories through art and there are prominent caves in which ancient people have visualized their daily life. The field of art has deep roots that date back to the paleolithic era, and with human development, the art has transformed too.

The Best Art Schools In Canada 2023, you have several options of degrees that you can choose what suits you. For example, you may want to obtain a Bachelor of Fine Arts, a Bachelor of Design, a Bachelor of Arts, or a Master of Applied Arts. All these university degrees will prepare you for your profession.

Things change over time and today’s concept of art attracts many aspects of it, such as film-making, photography, glass art, fashion design, visual art, not to mention interior design and sculpture. Thereafter, art is gradually becoming a field of study that hooks people with artistic and creative souls.

Best Art Schools in Canada

Best Art Schools in Canada

Loads of artists are exploring Canada to enhance their artistic ambitions and many international students have continuously picked Canadian universities since they include some of the best art schools. For the majority of international students it is vital to find a university with a reasonable price. Not to leave aside the reputation and the quality of education which is assured in these top art universities in Canada listed below. So before hopping on your dream career, take a look at these universities that can shorten the path to a successful career, too.

Here are the best art schools in Canada:

1.  OCAD University

Ontario College of Arts and Design University stands in the first-string for the innumerable programs that it offers in visual art and design. To highlight, the OCAD University is the only university with the richest programs all across Canada. Located in the center of Toronto, this university has been producing some of the best artists and designers that are remarkably good in many art fields. Every year, more than thousands of international students come to Toronto with the aim to become successful artists. And this is not without a reason, since the Ontario College of Arts and Design University accommodates students comfortably into its studios in which they can easily express and pour their creativity. There are five degrees that any student, either international or domestic can choose and those are: Bachelor of Fine Arts, Bachelor of Design, Master of Arts, Master of Fine Arts, and Master of Design.

2.  University of Toronto

The Department of Visual Studies at Toronto University is a reliable and admired institution for its interdisciplinary studies in history and theory which are essentially related to the study of visuals. Their whole energy is attributed to the evolution of images and visualizations. Students of this department will explore a wide array of courses which include without no doubt art, architecture, film television, animations, multimedia, consumer culture and also enroll in any of these five degree programs: Art and Art History – which privileges them with the opportunity of being included in joint programs, for instance in Sheridan Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning. Additionally, Art History has three programs: specialist, major and minor. As well as, Cinema Studies, Visual Culture and Communication, and the final one which is Visual Culture Studies.

3.  Alberta University of the Arts

The former name of the art university was Alberta College of Art + Design. Though, many native students prefer to call it with its widely known name, Alberta University of the Arts. Its unique art facilities attract students from all around the world, as well as its accomplished professors that assist students in various studios. Comparing it with other universities, this one has the lowest fee for art and design studies. Students of this university are at liberty to choose a bunch of study options from the undergraduate and graduate level. Such options include many disciplines: sculpture, media arts, drawings, paintings and many others. The Bachelor of Art Degree and Bachelor of Design are two well prepared degrees that are always on the go. However, the Bachelor of design distinguishes for the first degree since it is offered in the majors of Photography and Visual Communication.

4.  Concordia University

To study fine arts at Concordia University is always a smart choice considering the fact that it houses nine departments in which students can freely find their niche and succeed in the long term. The Faculty of Fine Arts offers diverse programs in the performing, cinematic, digital, artistic studios and historic arts. Just as in most art universities, students can get the Bachelor of Fine Arts degree at the Department of Visual Arts in Concordia University. This degree has many exceptional courses and lots of artists from time to time come and hold webinars for undergraduate students. There are many innovative approaches to creating contemporary art at this department, and this is the most common benefit that students get from the Department of Studio Arts. Along with undergraduate degrees, you can continue your master studies here, thus picking Master of Fine Arts with a plethora of options in which one can specialize.

5.  NSCAD University

The Acronym NSCAD that is frequently written and even spoken, stands for Nova Scotia College of Art and Design. This college is one of the earliest cultural institutions in Canada and is globally known for the best facilities that it offers to art maniacs. There are plentiful study areas in which undergraduate and graduate students can focus on, including Design, Craft, Media Arts, Art History and Critical Studies. As an undergraduate student you will start your first two semesters with the Foundation Study program, creating a strong base in the visual arts. This will also serve as a preparation for your future studies. The Bachelor of Arts degree involves much more than foundation studies, it teaches students Art History and Contemporary Culture. Its institution assures all the necessary equipment, comforting students with film production apparatus, spaces for studios, set of clothes and other relevant equipment.

6.  Yukon School of Visual Arts

Since its transformation for a community college into a public university, Yukon has significantly increased its quality, especially when it comes to fine arts studies. Yukon School of Visual Arts offers a Foundation Year Program which counterparts with the first year of a Bachelor of Fine Arts. Elite students holding a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree are eligible to transfer their studies into any Yukon partner universities, such as ACAD University, Emily Carr University, NSCAD University, University of the Fraser Valley, and OCAD University. This university provides six exceptional studio study courses and a tetrad of liberal study courses. Furthermore, students of Yukon School of Visual Arts are prone to developing some of the most required skills by being involved in training, workshops, and webinars.

7.  Ottawa School of Art

Ottawa School of Art is largely known for its advantageous courses that include photography, sculpture, lithography, etching, landscape painting, ceramics, life drawing, not to mention courses in which many accomplished artists went through. Ottawa School of Art exists as a  non-profit school and offers the Arts Fundamentals Certificate Program which is only available at the Orleans Campus. Other programs include: Portfolio Certificate and Fine Arts Diploma  which takes three years to complete. Along with those programs goes the one year certificate courses which are a great deal for the development of contemporary artists. One of the main features of this school is the reputation it has gained by housing the majority of international students that come to Canada.